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Spring + Direct Web Remoting (DWR) – Part 1

Posted by damuchinni on February 13, 2009

Recently I’ve been dabbling in a few different RIA frameworks and AJAX libraries, and it’s mind boggling the number of choices there are.  Regardless of the tools, frameworks or libraries that you choose to use, there is a fundamental requirement to integrate with server-side logic.  In the Java space there are various ways to implement the server logic, and implementing services using Spring is a very popular choice.  However RIA and AJAX  applications aren’t inherently compatible with Spring services.  This problem isn’t unique to Java and Spring….all server-side technologies suffer from the same problem.  In all cases there is some additional infrastructure required to help RIA and AJAX consume server-side logic, and in the Java space there are a variety of options.  Direct Web Remoting (DWR) is one choice, and after working with it for a few days I think it’s probably one of the best choices.

DWR makes it very easy to expose your server-side Java and Spring logic to javascript based applications.  That makes DWR complimentary with just about any AJAX framework out there.  In another excellent example of code generation, DWR will generate infrastructure to facilitate the communication between AJAX-based applications and server-side logic using javascript and JSON, the linga franca of AJAX.  Over the next series of blog posts I will cover building Spring services, adding DWR to AJAX enable the services, and building an AJAX front-end to consume the services.  As you’ve come to expect from me, at the end I will have an Skyway Builder project that you download and use for yourself in Eclipse.


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