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SOA principles

Posted by damuchinni on February 22, 2009

The following specific architectural principles for design and service definition focus on specific themes that influence the intrinsic behaviour of a system and the style of its design:

* Service encapsulation – Many web-services are consolidated to be used under the SOA Architecture. Often such services have not been planned to be under SOA.
* Service loose coupling – Services maintain a relationship that minimizes dependencies and only requires that they maintain an awareness of each other
* Service contract – Services adhere to a communications agreement, as defined collectively by one or more service description documents
* Service abstraction – Beyond what is described in the service contract, services hide logic from the outside world
* Service reusability – Logic is divided into services with the intention of promoting reuse
* Service composability – Collections of services can be coordinated and assembled to form composite services
* Service autonomy – Services have control over the logic they encapsulate
* Service optimization – All else equal, high-quality services are generally considered preferable to low-quality ones
* Service discoverability – Services are designed to be outwardly descriptive so that they can be found and assessed via available discovery mechanisms


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