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Latest Upgrade: X2O for JavaScript

Posted by damuchinni on March 7, 2009

Over the last couple of months, we’ve worked on extending X2O to generate a JavaScript library alongside the generated AS3 SWC file for each project. Today, we’re launching it as part of our beta release. This library will be automatically available the next time you generate an X2O project.

While currently undocumented (we’ll be getting to that in the coming weeks), the JavaScript library follows very closely to the documented AS3 library. One main difference is that all the JavaScript classes reside under a single namespace (X2O). While we don’t have documentation, we do have a sample application at View the source code to see how we’ve implemented the generated JS library. This replicates the Flex-based sample recipe application found at and uses the same data model that comes with your existing X2O accounts.

The JS version still has a few issues. Specifically, we’d like to improve its security and performance. We’d love for any JS developers to give us feedback on how we can improve the generated codebase.

The small things…
Besides that, we’ve done a number of small things to improve some nagging issues with the system. Among other things, the X2O client is now working for IE8 users and the periodic hanging some of you experienced with the login()method should now be resolved. We’d like to thank those of you that contacted us with your problems and keep them coming!

Thanks again for your continued support of X2O!


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