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Thanks For The Weblogic Support Oracle!

Posted by damuchinni on March 11, 2009

I know that it’s a tough thing to move forum contents from one system to another and I know that Oracle and BEA, prior to their buyout by Oracle, had a different forum system than Oracle. I also understand that Oracle would want to move the Weblogic forum traffic to their own forums once the buyout was complete. However why didn’t Oracle keep the BEA forums in place in a read-only format?

Seriously. I’ve been trying to research some Weblogic 9.2 issues I’ve been dealing with and Google results return a lot of hits to the BEA forums. Clicking on one of those links brings you to the Oracle forums….at the top level of the forums. It would appear that those postings were never moved. Again I understand this given the difficulty of moving from one system to another but they should have kept the old system in place for those of us who need to get answers for our Weblogic problems.

The odd thing is that Oracle kept the BEA edocs site in place with the same URL. Why didn’t they do the same thing with the forums?


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