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unrooted tests of junit 3.4 runner

Posted by damuchinni on March 14, 2009

When using Eclipse 3.3 or above, By the default, the JUnit 4 test runner will be used. In the olden days, with Eclipse 3.0 and JUnit 3.8, user could select a single test method in the Outline view and run just that method. However, when try to do that in Eclipse 3.3 or above. It’s test runner runs all the tests in the class. The results are shown in a tree, and the tests I didn’t ask to be run are all under a node called “Unrooted Tests [Runner: JUnit 4]”.

The problem is because,your class extends TestCase (in Junit 3.8 favior,not use the 4.0 annotation), but eclispe will Using the JUnit 4 runner by the default which causes that unrooted test. if you want to use the old Junit 3.8 runner for your 3.8 testcase. you have change the run configurations manually.

the old Junit 3.8 runner will show up after that:


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Improve your debugging speed with EVars Eclipse plugin

Posted by damuchinni on March 11, 2009

I have been debugging a lot lately which included open source libraries, closed source web-service engine and parts of closed source application server (WebLogic). During this painful debug-fest I felt a strong need for several features missing in Eclipse (NetBeans as well, for that matter) . Debugging closed applications is a pain beyond imagination, even with IDE integrated decompilers, it takes incredible amount of patience and time to debug.

To improve productivity (or prevent burnout), I jotted down a plugin to export/import live variables, filter variables view with a xpath like expressions etc. The plugin, called ‘evars’, features a small expression interpreter (similar to xpath) which can do a wonderful job of filtering variables on current stackframe. It also allows you to export variables to a file and reload them at a later point.

For the first time, I have attempted to create a screencast to explain its usefulness. You may watch it over here [10mb non-streaming, 1275×860].

I have also created a beta release to see if it finds any interest which you can download it from here [JAR ~800kb] and drop it in dropins folder [Eclipse 3.4+].

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Eclipse 3.5

Posted by damuchinni on February 11, 2009

The Eclipse Project has posted the fifth milestone of Eclipse 3.5 Galileo, their open integrated development environment for Java. Version 3.5 adds numerous small new features though overall it’s beginngin to look like more and more of a configuration nightmare. At some point Eclipse, desperately needs a user interface overhaul. Adding new switches for every conceivable customization is not a scalable approach in the long term. Enabling users to “Customize menus and toolbars” is not a substitute for an organized, logical menu structure on first launch. In any case, new features since 3.4 include

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