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WebKit Component for Java, Second Contestant

Posted by damuchinni on March 14, 2009

While there weren’t any news related to Sun’s JWebPane, there is a new contestant: WebKit for SWT by Genuitec. The website says:

WebKit for SWT (ver. 0.5) is an embeddable Java™ WebKit browser component developed by Genuitec. This component can be used in the development of a wide range of Java SWT applications that require integration of rich HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and Flash content and functionality.

The solution seems a little bit more high-level than Sun’s approach: While Sun is integrating WebKit directly, Genuitec build on top of Google’s chromium. The biggest difference however at this time: They provide code, documentation and samples.


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WebKit4Java (Chromium SWT version) to be released this week

Posted by damuchinni on February 16, 2009

The WebKit4Java SWT browser component we are developing here at Genuitec will be released this week. We have worked through many of the issues with enabling the Chromium WebKit framework to function as a proper SWT browser component and to co-operate within the Eclipse workbench and RCP apps. The challenges have been integrating the Chromium message loop to play nice with that of SWT, focus management and plugin support.

This week’s wrap up work includes settling on a product name (I like WebKit4Java much better than Chromius), basic code cleanup, docs, an improved example app and some unit tests. If all goes well I should be able to roll it out by Friday if not sooner.

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